Reviewing Indie Books


Do you review Indie books differently? I feel like when I know this is a self published work, or a very small, unknown author, I have a different scale for reviewing. But is that the right thing to do?

Typically my star ratings on Goodreads and Amazon are more critical rather than personal (depending on the book), whereas in my bullet journal or this blog I give more of my personal star rating. For example, my critical review for Red Rising is 5 stars due plot, the character development, the writing style, etc. My personal review is 4.5 because during one part of the book, it dragged on a little bit too long for my personal taste. I started drifting in and out and would take breaks because it wasn’t gripping me. I’m starting to wonder if I should just merge the two ratings, if that makes sense so it’s more consistent, or maybe I’m just being too extra, haha!

So when it comes to indie authors, especially ones without editors, I usually overlook a lot of the grammatical issues and the writing style. I take it into a account but I’m not as hard on that person as even the best writers have editors. Hell, Stephen King has an editor! Understanding that indie authors want to get their names out there, I just try to push passed it – but then that got me thinking…. should we be doing that? If you are not a good writer, should we give praise just because you’re trying? If a book is not written well by a well known author, I don’t give them stars because they tried. If the story is there but the writing is bad, hiring an editor to help you get a publisher would help you!

I think that people need to understand that it typically takes a long time to write a book. The process is grueling, the criticism, even more so. I think I personally need to work on reviewing books with the understanding that people are going to read them and trust what I have to say. I’ve never lied, but I do withhold to a certain degree. It’s a slippery slope. If we sit and hype a book because a friend wrote it, the author is nice, etc, it’s deceiving the other people who may spend good money on the book that you may have personally not liked.

I recently had the opportunity to read a book by an indie author in which she told me not to review her book if it was going to be a bad rating. I don’t think that’s fair. Her Goodreads has only 5 stars and because I wanted to be nice, I almost didn’t review it so it wouldn’t drag down herĀ  rating. After she repeatedly harassed myself and another reviewer, it got me thinking; I need to review this. You can see the full story on my Instagram @rqdavis_ in my highlights.

You can see my review for A Twisted Belief by Pearl Khatri by clicking *here* She has since blocked me on all forms of social media after harassing myself and another reviewer to remove the reviews.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I’m finishing up The Black Witch via audio and will be reviewing that book soon!


How NOT to Respond to a Bad Review


Alright, I have a confession to make, it is hard AF for me to write a negative review. I usually always find the positives in a book and then give it a higher star thinking that maybe the book wasn’t for me. I’m a pretty generous rater. However, sometimes you come across work that is so overly offensive, you don’t even want to waste your time writing a review. This has only happened to me twice so far and neither time I wrote a review… and I wasn’t sure if that was the right thing to do.

When a book contains things like poor language structure, or the book is said to be adult and the writing is more YA, I don’t feel like that forces my hand to HATE IT, it just wasn’t for me. However, if the book contains themes that are offensive and those situations are not being addressed as issues for that particular world, that’s when I start having that feeling of, I need to tell people… I have recently come into a situation where someone was being harassed by the author over writing a negative review and that honestly scared me.

People should not be afraid to give their honest opinions, after all, that’s why we rate books. This person was stalked over her social media to have her review removed (instagram, her blog, goodreads, etc) and it honestly left a bad taste in my mouth. If you are an author, I understand that getting positive reviews drives your book into people’s hands, but you are GOING to get negative reviews, period. People are NOT going to like your book in the same way that people LOVE that book. The number one thing people tell authors is to not get caught up on the reviews – especially since people rate books differently. Some personally, some critically, some both.

I was truly disturbed when I was contacted about that author harassing her to remove her review. I have a weird suspicion that it’s going to happen to me, even though I am being vague in my blog post. I should not have this feeling. I should not feel scared to leave my review for a book I was asked to review. I know that authors work hard, but the only way to get better is to listen to what people are saying. If you decide to read reviews and they list issues they had with it, take it or leave it and move on! I struggled for a week on how I was going to leave my review because I hate hurting people’s feelings, but when I did decide to discuss the issues INSTEAD of leaving a review because I wanted to be nice, I was met with, “I don’t want people tweaking my work.” Then don’t ask for people to review it?

All in all, I did not enjoy the book. I think the overall story was there, it has potential, but if you’re unwilling to take any criticism, the book is going to stay off of people’s TBRs. If your book has NO negative reviews and only over the top 5 star reviews, people note that.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


Weekend Slumps – Monday Motivation

The weekends are a time when most people settle in and read more than they did during the work week; this is the opposite for me. When the weekend comes, my audiobooks shut off and my books close. Whenever I find a minute to read I always end up stopping a few pages in.

I am lucky to get through 10-20 pages… sometimes I’ll squeeze in an audiobook chapter while doing the dishes. I just can’t seem to find the motivation when my kids are running around and my husband is home. We rarely get to spend time as a family; when we do, we go go go until bedtime and then I pass out!

Now it’s Monday and I just couldn’t get myself to listen to The Night Circus. I read this book last year, it being my favorite standalone of 2018 and I cannot follow along! I’m so lost! I don’t know if it’s just where I’m at mentally or if the nature or the book requires more concentration.

I opted to listen to something light and easy, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, narrated by Newt Scamander/Eddie Redmayne. It’s such a fun and quick listen. At just under 2 hours, it definitely resets my mind. I think I’ll try and finish TNC tonight via hardcopy and start fresh with something new tomorrow.

I hope everyone’s having a lovely day!


Welcome to the Howlers

Title: Red Rising (trilogy, book 1)
Author: Pierce Brown
Publication: 1/28/2014
Personal Rating: 4.5 Stars

Red Rising (2014).jpg

Where do I start with Red Rising? I started this book via audio on Tuesday and I finished it via kindle that night. I had just about every person I talk to on Instagram telling me I needed to read this book and I’ll be honest, I was scared. I have seen so much abuse on Pierce Brown’s twitter that I wasn’t sure that I was ready to get my heart ripped out of my chest in the way that Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff did. I was sitting there next to my husband saying “oh, what the FUCK” about 50 times by the end. I even recorded myself saying, “are you fucking kidding me,” and sending it to every person who told me to read this book! I don’t even think I can get myself to read Golden Son for a couple of weeks!

**spoilers ahead**
Red Rising opens up with us meeting Darrow who is what they call a “helldiver,” someone who mines gasses from under Mars’ surface in order for them to use it to make a livable surface above ground. This is a super dangerous job, one not for the weak, even though the people living underground are called “Reds,” and basically their slave drivers are color coded, leading up to “Gold.” Reds are so oppressed to the point where even their stature in comparison to others is small.

Darrow’s wife opens a rebellion via illegal song and is hanged in front of everyone, saying the words, “Break the Chains,” in order for people to get off their asses and fight their oppressors. Darrow cuts her down, buries her, and due to that being illegal, is hanged. His uncle saves him and turns him over to a group of people who basically tell Darrow that he’s played himself and the surface of Mars is in fact habitable and people have been living like kings up there. Darrow is then “carved” into a Gold and is told to infiltrate the society from within, needing to win a set of challenges in order to be top dog in the Gold’s elite institute.

This basically ends in a bloody version of capture the flag, where the students enslave one another (or kill each other) in order to capture as many houses as possible. Darrow excels, your typical underdog story, and meets a group of people who claim themselves as the Howlers and swear their loyalty to him. We meet other characters he conquers and swears loyalty to him, we lose people we love in the book, and overall, some hardcore shit goes down, especially with the plotting, backstabbing, and all around “wtf moments.” (Jackals hand????) This book is not for the faint of heart. (Jackal cut his damn hand off!) You can totally Wikipedia the plot if this doesn’t do it for you!

**end of spoilers**
Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It was a solid 4.5. The only reason I knocked off a .5 rating is because at some points in the book it drags a little and I would drift in and out of the audiobook. I really am excited to get to Golden Son in March! I definitely understand the hype and I tweeted at Pierce Brown that he deserves the Twitter abuse that he receives! Ha!


The Middle

A lot of blog journeys start from the beginning… mine starts from the middle.

I’m 30, pushing 31, I’ve had blogs and journals on and off since my early teen years (livejournal/xanga anyone?) I never keep up with them, but as of late, I’ve become super active on social media, specifically Bookstagram on Instagram. I’ve learned that publishers are really interested in book bloggers, not just bookstagrammers. Sometimes I wonder why, considering that Bookstagram gets SO MANY views for books, but I want to keep up with the times, so this will be where I talk about my life and talk about my books!

I’ve introduced myself a lot over the years and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m pretty damn basic. I love coffee, my kindle paperwhite, and did I mention drinking coffee?, Harry Potter, and most of all, I love my family.

I hope this blog is worth a shit. I think I might be a little more personal in my reviews here versus on Goodreads as I am more critical and leave a lot of my personal feelings out… but here, it won’t affect their overall star rating for a personal review. I also will warn people if this review contains spoilers. I get somewhat tired of not being able to review a book with spoilers, so BEWARE!