TGIF – Who Else is Busy AF?

WOW! This week just flew by! I totally forgot to post my Thirsty Thursday new and upcoming release post! I might post that this weekend. Chuck and I have spent a lot of time redoing our nook’s flooring! The old owners put laminate over the hardwood so we tore out the old and installed stuff that looks like wood!

Don’t mind my crazy mess ūüėā we are going to paint the walls and of course clean up my shelves when everything is done! We still have some to go along the edges but hopefully that’ll be complete by Sunday!

I finished reading A Thousand Pieces of You last night and needless to say I’m not that impressed. I’m going to go ahead and finish the series and I will write a review for the series as a whole. Today I’m going to finish up To Kill a Kingdom, which I am reading for research purposes with my friend to help her with her book! Then I will get to The Wicked Deep!

I’ve heard some mixed reviews about this book, especially about the last page so I’m curious if I will feel the same way. I’m typically an easy raider because I rate critically rather than personally which I think is important. I can’t stand when people write books that are for younger audiences or forgenres they know they don’t like and rate the books poorly!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!



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Wild Wednesday – Readathons

Do you participate in readathons? Right now I am hosting a House Cup Readathon (#housecupreadathon19) over on Instagram! Thankfully I have my head girls in charge of their houses! I¬†could not do this without their help! It’s so amazing to¬† have a group of people I can rely on to help make things fun and exciting (and not so overwhelming)! Go over and follow these wonderful humans listed below on IG! I have a little something something coming in the mail for each of them! It’s not much but it’s what I could do (and afford) to show them my appreciation!

  1. Kelli – Gryffindor
  2. Ashleigh Kay – Slytherin
  3. Amanda – Ravenclaw
  4. Chelci – Hufflepuff

People are really catching onto these types of groups! We have 18 members per house and every 100 pages you read is 10 points! If you finish your book, it’s like catching the snitch and you get 150 points for your house! The houses are closed but we will open back up on the 15th for new members up to 25! I finished Savage Appetites yesterday so that earned my house 170 points! I also read a little of A Thousand Pieces of You! I’m going to start The Wicked Deep today once I get back from the pet store!

Yesterday I posted about my TBR and I already want to change it! LOL Anyone else like me? I swear I am the moodiest reader there is! I don’t get overwhelmed though because I have a fairly strict rule of only buying books I’ve already read and loved (making every book I see on my shelf something I adore). It helps me justify spending extra on limited edition copies. Speaking of special editions, I want that Illumicrate edition of The Starless Sea so bad that I might cry if I don’t get it.

Any special editions you’re waiting for? I will have to get the special edition of Clockwork Angel, I already know that! I’m also debating on the editions of SoC and CK! We shall see what my budget allows as we are redoing the hardwood in the nook/library!

Well, I think that’s enough rambling for me today, I hope y’all have a fantastic rest of your week!



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Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin

Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin
Publication Date: September 3, 2019
Genre: YA Fantasy
Rating: 5 Stars

Serpent & Dove (Serpent & Dove, #1)


Bound as one to love, honor, or burn.

Two years ago, Louise le Blanc fled her coven and took shelter in the city of Cesarine, forsaking all magic and living off whatever she could steal. There, witches like Lou are hunted. They are feared. And they are burned. Sworn to the Church as a Chasseur, Reid Diggory has lived his life by one principle:¬†thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.¬†His path was never meant to cross with Lou’s, but a wicked stunt forces them into an impossible union –¬†holy matrimony.

The war between witches and Church is an ancient one, and Lou’s most dangerous enemies bring a fate worse than fire. Unable to ignore her growing feelings, yet powerless to change what she is, a choice must be made. And love makes fools of us all.

This book was purchased by me and read by choice. All thoughts expressed in this review are my own.

I don’t necessarily think this would classify as YA Fantasy; I feel like it has more of an NA or Adult Fantasy feel to it, mainly because it does have frequent explicit language and mature behavior within it.


I LOVED THIS BOOK! I buddy read this with a friend via audio and from the second that Saskia Maarleveld opened her mouth, I fell in love. Not only was the writing style rich and captivating, the voice acting was intoxicating. I knew from the start that this book had a lot of hype, and I always go into hyped books with reservation, but I knew plenty of people who both read and listened and they LOVED it. Well, add me to the list of people who are utterly obsessed with Louise le Blanc!

This story focuses on a witch being in a forced marriage with a witch hunter. Lou, the witch, is a sassy, sarcastic, and true to herself woman, while Reid is a very “by the book” religious man, following the teachings of the Archbishop without question. This book utilizes history and it’s treatment of women as one of the plot points and I loved every second of Lou being the QUEEN that she is! Using Lou and her best friend CoCo to defy the norms and carve their own path was so refreshing! This is definitely a hate to love, slow burn trope; your Slytherin badass Lou and her Cinnamon Roll Hufflepuff Reid thrown together in an unthinkable situation. The voice acting between Saskia and Holter Graham was perfect for this novel and I am thankful they chose these amazing actors to bring them to life!

There are also many more themes such as religion and it’s power/influence on society, royalty, and reclaiming one’s own identity, but I won’t go into much detail because I don’t want to spoil it! The development of the story was such a joy to experience. There were times where I did feel like it was TOO fast paced and I had to go back and clarify a few things, but that was part of the allure in my opinion. This book was a wild ride, full of twists and turns! This book is unPUTDOWNable and I will be thinking about this story for many more days to come. ALL THE STARS to one of my favorite books of 2019!

This book is available NOW to purchase, though I do highly suggest the audio!

PS: If you’ve read Six of Crows you will be able to make a connection and really get the story that we deserved for those characters (LOL)


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March Wrap-up!

March was a pretty good reading month for me. I did a lot of re-reads but I also read a few ARCs! I was the most excited to read Aurora Rising! I ended up finishing 15 books, some I skimmed because I wasn’t interested but I wasn’t at the DNF point – I wanted to at least know what happened at the end! Below is my super tiny one or two line reviews for the books I read throughout March!

Did you read any of these books, too?

  1. Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (audio): 5/5 stars –¬†This was a¬†reread for me and I absolutely loved it the second time around. This is amazing space adventure full of twists and turns and the return of some of our old friends along with meeting some new friends!
  2. The Black Witch by Laurie Forest (audio): 3.5/5 stars –¬†I liked this book but I didn’t love it. The pacing was kind of slow, the MC was pretty unlikable until the end. I am curious to see what happens next!
  3. This Savage Song by VE Schwab (audio): 5/5 stars –¬†This was a reread. I absolutely loved This Savage Song. The world building and the concepts are totally unique. I love August Flynn so much!
  4. Our Dark Duet by VE Schwab (audio): 5/5 stars –¬†Another reread! This is the continuation to This Savage Song. It wraps up the duology nicely but leaves the world open for more! I loved this universe!
  5. Coraline by Neil Gaiman (audio): 5/5 stars –¬†This was a reread! I try to read Coraline once or twice a year. I really enjoy this dark children’s story and Neil’s whimsical way he narrates his stories.
  6. Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (e-ARC): 5/5 stars –¬†One of my most anticipated reads of the year! This space adventure was just was the doctor ordered. The rag tag crew is full of banter and the story itself is just intense and exciting!
  7. Vengeance¬†of Hope by P.J. Berman (physical/review): 4/5 stars –¬†A physical ARC I reviewed upon request by the author. I really enjoyed this book, the strong female leads, and the political intrigue!
  8. The Casquette Girls by Alys Arden (audio): 3.5/5 stars –¬†I listened¬† to this book via audio and honestly.. I liked it but it was kind of underwhelming. I don’t really remember much of what happened.
  9. Soulfire by Juliette Cross (audio): 3/5 stars –¬†A quick adult high fantasy novel! I love listening to these quick smutty reads after heavy books!
  10. Legend by Marie Lu (audio): 4/5 stars –¬†A YA dystopian novel about a corrupt society spreading a disease to keep people under their control. I enjoyed this book but I don’t have much desire to read the other books in the series.
  11. The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson (ebook/physical): 5/5 stars –¬†I absolutely LOVED this book! Brandon Sanderson has a way with his rich world building that sucks you in. It took me a while to get through this because every word matters. The twists and the turns keep you thinking about this world even when it’s over!
  12. A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab (audio): 5/5 stars –¬†It took me a long time to finally read this book and once I got into it, I was hooked! I adored Lila Bard! I love the magic system!
  13. Tell me How You Really Feel by Aminah Mae Safi (ARC): 5/5 stars –¬†I really loved this contemporary ARC. The MC are diverse, queer women and I just loved the 10 Things I Hate About You vibe I got!
  14. The Fever King by Victoria Lee (ebook/review): 3/5 stars –¬†I had a hard time with this book. I think that the idea was there for the story but it wasn’t executed well. I’ll be reading the finished copy to see if anything changes. The magic system was different but a bit confusing.
  15. Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan (e-ARC): 4/5 stars –¬†This book is a YA fantasy but reads similarly¬†to an adult novel. It is dark with a unique magic system. I had quite a few questions by the end and will look forward to reading the completed copy!

Overall, I had an excellent reading month! I usually don’t reread many books but I buddy read a lot with my friend Kelli (IG: @starlightfaerytale) and we like to read each other’s favorite books! It makes reading so much more fun when you have a friend!

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